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  • Mark Endacott

Welcome to Endacott Associates

So here we are, 16 years after being originally founded in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia Endacott Associates is back. We've spent time getting experience in a variety of industries: Running national charities, working for leading brands and running an e-commerce business are just some of the experiences we've learned from whilst moving from Australia back to the UK.

Now based in York, we work with businesses of all sizes both here in the UK and overseas. We're working hard to ensure we can offer the best value for money when it comes to business consultancy and using all of our experience to help deliver the results our clients expect.

We've put together some packages for businesses that focus on e-commerce. Our start-up package provides everything you need to get online and get selling including some expert marketing tips to better understand how to get traction and some quick wins. We also have a package designed to help existing business get online to give them a new route to market.

Whilst these packages are great for businesses new to the world of online sales we also want to share our expertise with companies that are in other arenas. We offer a variety of services and tailor every experience to your individual requirements.

The best place for everyone to start is with our free 30-minute Introductory Consultation. This gives us the chance to get to know you and your business and for you to get to know us. From this we can decide on the best way to help your business move forwards.



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